I am trying to find a producer to help me get David Kahn’s autobiography, My Life with Edgar Cayce, made into a movie. It is a book about an extraordinary man who was led by a man with an extraordinary gift. I think it will make a great movie or miniseries. It has all the elements... drama, romance, mystery, action, and it's a true story.

   David Kahn was very young when he met the famous American psychic, Edgar Cayce. For the rest of their lives, Edgar helped guide David through his military career, his marriage to a Broadway star, his search for oil in Texas, his creation of the first radio cabinet, and his work with First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt at the highest levels of government during the Great Depression and World War II.
   David was able to see firsthand the amazing abilities of the so-called Sleeping Prophet as Cayce accurately diagnosed illnesses and correctly predicted the future time after time, including warning David of the impending stock market crash in 1929.
   Over 300 books have been written about Edgar Cayce, but surprisingly no one has ever made a movie about him. David Kahn’s book provides the perfect template for such a movie, because it shows Cayce from the perspective of his closest friend, supporter, and confidante, and thus offers a perspective not found in other biographies. 
   The Kahn family has given me permission to pitch this movie, so if you are interested, I can send you a pitch deck.

Kirk Nelson
[email protected]